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Infrared Services

Dynamic Home Inspection has the training with Infraspection Institute as a level II certified thermographer, and specific training with United Infrared the world’s largest network of multidiscipline infrared contractors in the world. Along with over 15 years experience in the field we are the go to company for the tough projects.

Infrared Thermography

Normal sailboat picture without infrared Sailboat in infrared

What is Infrared Thermography?

Thermal imaging, or thermography uses infrared technology to detect very small differences in temperature. Every material has a unique thermal signature and when moisture, heat, or cold are introduced into the structure the thermal signature changes. These changes can be subtle or dramatic but with infrared scanning technology, the thermal signatures are detected where they wouldn’t be able to be seen with the naked eye.

Infrared scanning technology, or infrared scans, is now being used to evaluate residential and commercial structures. As a non-invasive testing tool it can quickly help discern where there are suspected issues. This can help limit the areas where time consuming further evaluation and destructive discovery is needed. Dynamic Infrared Inspection services is a way of saving you, the customer, time and dollars.

Moisture Detection in Walls and Ceilings

Infrared service identifies moisture in the ceiling Moisture Find IR being used to test a home

As demonstrated above, thermal imaging is a great tool that helps to identifying water intrusion, or leaks in walls, floors, and ceilings. By detecting the difference in temperature between a wet area and the surrounding dry areas thermal imaging can help detect moisture issues that would not be visible during a limited visual home inspection. Whether its wet insulation, plumbing leaks, or water intrusion, with a moisture scanIR we can find a leak. Let Dynamic put this advanced find a leak technology to work for you, stop mold, mildew, & fungus before it becomes a health issue.

Moisture FindIR can save you money, time, and headaches.

  1. It is an affordable way to detect and locate moisture problems.
  2. It saves you money because it can pinpoint problem areas enabling you to repair only the areas that need repairing.
  3. It provides immediate results and can survey large areas in a very short time.
  4. It is comprehensive, non-contact, non-destructive investigative tool that eliminates the need to tear down walls hunting for damage.

Flat Roof Inspections

Infrared Services on roof Roofscan IR Logo

By using thermal imaging, Roof ScanIR, can detect the precise location of the leak. Infrared imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in your roof. This will enable you to develop a more sophisticated roof asset management program, make more informed decisions regarding roof budgets and will help you plan repairs.

By using Infrared Thermography, we find the trapped moisture and mark the wet areas on the roof with marking paint so that roof repairs can be made surgically – without the tremendous expense of replacing the entire roof.

Reasons to Schedule an Infrared Roof Scan

  1. If you are buying a commercial building, part of the inspection process should include an Infrared Roof Scan. A visible inspection of the roof might not “see” any issues, resulting in an expensive repair later at your expense.
  2. If you have a roof leak on a new to mid-life flat roof and have been told that a new roof is needed, then call us first for your infrared roof inspection. We may be able to save you a substantial amount of money.
  3. If you are taking possession of a building with a new roof just installed, it makes sense to perform an Infrared Roof Scan to insure the new roof was installed properly.

Electrical Inspections

Ir Services Electrical Infrared Services identifies heating issues with electric parts electrical infrared picture with electric IR logo

Infrared thermography is used to perform Preventive Predictive Maintenance inspections on equipment because excess resistance on electrical equipment indicates electrical faults such as loose connections, overloaded or imbalanced circuits, faulty breakers, damaged switches, faulty fuses and a wide range of other unwanted electrical conditions.

Before an electrical component burns up, it heats up. Thermography is used to see the excess heat (resistance) so that problems can be found and maintenance personnel can act to correct the problem before the component fails, causing damage to the component, safety hazards and or production downtime.

Advantages of using Dynamic Electric ScanIR

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Equipment Life
  • Lower Risks
  • No Disruption of Service
  • lower repair Costs
  • Increase Profits
  • Save on Insurance
  • Prevent Catastrophic Failures
  • Safety and Dollars are the Bottom Line

Electrical infrared surveys for Preventive/Predictive Maintenance of electrical components is recognized by most industry professionals and insurance companies. Thermal imaging or Electric ScanIR can detect hot spots in the electrical system not visible to the naked eye which may be a precursor to a larger issue. Therefore, we can inspect and locate issues before there is a costly outage.

We provide detailed, high-quality and easy to understand infrared inspection reports that thoroughly document our findings. The resulting report can be a great aid for electricians hired to do the repair the identified issues.

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